Terms and Conditions

  1. All Goods are the property of Rollaco Presses until payment.
  2. Rollaco Presses retains the right to supply goods to whom and where it deems appropriate.
  3. Rollaco Presses will only accept payment from the buyer direct and will not accept any third party involvement.
  4. Payments must be made before any goods can be exchanged.
  5. Schools and Colleges can take 30 days credit for new presses but late payment is subject to a 2% per month charge. These are our terms under the Late Payment Act 1998
  6. All warranties are on a back to base basis and customers are responsible for shipment costs both ways
  7. Deliveries by third party carriers are charged at cost. All costs depend on customer location.
  8. Carrier deliveries are to front entrance only.
  9. Deliveries requiring an installation will be charged accordingly.
  10. Please inform us of any difficult locations.
    Difficult locations are :
    – Any floor other than a ground floor. Flights of steps leading to a ground floor we need to be informed of.
    – Long distances from the entrance.
    – Narrow or steep stairs.
  11. Parking also can be a difficult location , we would need to be able to get our vehicle close to the customers premises.
  12. Delivery estimates are a guide. Deliveries are expected to be conducted in a prompt time frame once an order is completed.
  13. Orders become official when a deposit is made . Deposits are not refundable when the customer cancels.
  14. Failure to comply with any of the above details could result in cancellation of order.

terms and conditions
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