Ex Stock Presses

These Presses are new and covered by a warranty

1.One of our Ex Stock Presses the Super Kudos Press we have for sale . Bed width 45cm x 86cm. Weight 75kgs. Enhanced double reduction geared drive . Ratio 8 to 1 for easy controlled operation. Drive is via a Rim Wheel . Large rollers makes this press easy to use. The press will sit on any suitable surface . Comes with red or black adjusters . Professional results every time. Does Intaglio and Relief to a professional standard. Easily the best 45cm bench press in the UK ,it literally has no rivals , ask at the print workshops . This press will outlast its owner and without a service.

This is a special edtion press only two are available in any one year , this is the first for this year. Perfect for Schools, Colleges and the private Artist. Its a compact size, which only takes up a footprint 55cm x 65cm, makes it the perfect press for home use. It has sold to Print Workshops as well as Schools and Colleges. In over 30+ years it has never failed.

This is a bench model and costs just £1800, a stand option would be extra at the grid prices. The model shown can be fitted with red or black adjusting handles. Now offering with Rim wheel included saving £120 + Blanket set at £100 saving £30.Total savings on 2023 prices are £250. This press can be supplied as a 50cm x 91cm model at a cost of £1950. Free Rim Wheel and Blankets at £120, savings also £250.

Collection or delivery and installation. Cost depends on location.

Ex - Stock Presses
Kudos Steel Rimwheel

Other Ex Stock Presses

2. 58cm x 110cm Super Boxer press finished in Dark Blue on a stand with castors . Price Negotiable.

3.50cm x 92cm Boxer press finished in Dark Blue – reduced to £3000 saving £200 on 2023 pricing.