Bed size – 30m x 60cm

Weight – 35 kgs

Gear Ratio – Direct Drive

Top Roller Dia – 89mm

Bottom Roller Dia – 76mm

Handle – Crank Handle
                 + Option

Load Rating – 6 Tonnes

The Pequeno etching press This is our mk 2 model which is a scaled down version of the very successful Gem press. Fitted with a synthetic composite bed for strength and lightness. It is also an easy clean surface and resistent to chemical attack. Easi set handles fitted as standard. This handle concept makes initial levelling of the top roller very easy. Adjusting handles when aligned, give a visual setting ,so there is no need for scales and other measurments on the side of the press. This operation is demonstrated when the press is delivered . Written Instructions are provided also

This Small direct drive press is easily capable of the same quality prints as the our larger presses. Fitted with a Crank handle as the standard which drives the bottom roller. The handle is constucted with a counterweight to give a mechanical advantage when in use. Something the Victorians figured out years ago. Sideframes are an all steel contruction built to our own modular design , they have been tried and tested over many years and because of this we have every confidence we are building the right presses.Fitted with rubber feet they can sit on any suitable surface, such as a table or bench without the need for fastening down. The press remains stable when in use. Holes are provided in the frame if you wish to fasten it to a bench.

An option is the three or four spoke Starwheel driving the top roller as a result the press can then be sited on any level surface without the need for a overhang. it has removable spokes angled outwards for hand clearance. Stainless Steel spokes for strength and easy maintenance. For Starwheel 3 or 4 Spokes add £50 /£65 to grid price.

Other options are to fit Stainless Steel rollers for locations where damp may be an issue such as damp environments like garages and garden sheds. See Roller Options from our menu for details.
Good starter press for schools as well as
new printmakers , we believe the best 30cm press on the UK market.

Rollaco Rating – 8 (see Press Ratings Page).

Pequeno etching press
Pequeno etching press fitted wit 3 Spoke Star Wheel. A 4 spoke option is available

This is a printmaker using a Rollaco Pequeno Press