Bed size – 45cm x 81cm
                 40cm x 76cm

Weight – 60/55/ kgs

Gear Ratio – 4 : 1

Top Roller Dia – 100mm

Bottom Roller Dia – 89mm

Handle – Crank Handle
                 + Option

Load Rating – 6 Tonnes

Gem Etching Press
Gem Etching Press with Crank handle

Gem Mk 3 etching press

The Gem etching press was our first attempt at manufacturing a fully prefabricated press. In the early 80’s all presses had sold solid cast iron or steel side frames.This meant presses where much heavier than they need to be. Modern materials and design as a result are better at removing this excess weight.This is called innovation. So This Gem design became a pioneer of prefabricated printing press design. Because we have made slight upgrades over the years and this is now our MK 3 model. This is our Budget model.

The Gem provides simple honest construction, manufactured for 35years to date and to our knowledge without a failure. This Gem press benefits from many of the same mechanical parts as our other bench models such as bed and bearings. As a budget model it provides a more affordable bench model for schools as well as the private artist. Gears provide an easy to use operation, the rule is, the higher the ratio the easier it is to use, for example a 4 : 1 ratio meand the press is 4 times easier to turn than a direst drive press.

Fitted as standard an easy to use one handed, crank handle . The crank handle has a balanced counter-weight to give a mechanical advantage when in use.Fitted with Easi- set handles to makes setting up much easier. As a result the Gem Press top roller can be levelled in seconds. The easi set handles also provide a visual for keeping the top roller level at all times.Other advantages are large bed support rollers, which supports the bed in its extended mode securely. Holes are provided in the feet so it can be fastened to a bench or table.

A steel Rim Wheel can be now offered as an option, cost £120 extra also an option for the Steel Rim Wheel is a foldable handle at £15. Other options are Stainless Steel rollers for those damp environments such as sheds and garages. Garden studios may be alright if they have plenty of soft furnishings such as carpets , curtains and sofas.Heat in winter, will help with Humidity which effects steel rollers. Colour choices Deep Green or Dark Blue.

An honest press capable of good work we recently installed a Gem press in The Highland Print Studio in Inverness

Rollaco Rating 35cm – 7.8 (see Press ratings Page)
                                40cm – 7.6
                                45cm – 7.

Gem On a Stand