Delivery and Collection

Delivery information

Delivery done by ourselves for ease and safety . We try to do these on a shared basis. to keep costs down. Costs for all deliveries depends on installation work and location.

WE need to know of any difficult sitings you may require for your press. Upper floors , basements , places of poor access. Long flights of stairs present a problem. No spiral staircases or lofts please.

Delivery & Collection
Outside staircase (narrow)
Delivery & collection
Spiral Staircase

Parking may be difficult , we need to know if this is an issue. Are parking permits required , is parking charged at your location, is there difficult access. Our vehicle is suitable for most locations .

Benefits of a personal delivery include, set up and simple instructions.Other benefits include safely positioning of the press. No heavy machines for you to man-handle.

Presses sent by carrier. These would be on a wooden pallet. Delivery is to the front entrance. It is the resposibility of the customer to report damage to goods. This should be reported immediatley.

Damage to goods sent by Rollaco should be reported . Report within the 24 hours.

There may be limit to where we will travel for a delivery. In cases where the distance is too great we can accommodate and meet the customer at a pre-arranged location.

Some deliveries may take two days with an overnight stay.

In special cases we may decide to travel long distances. Extra costs covered by the customer.

Delivering to Schools & Colleges requires a reserved parking space for our vehicle. Information regarding Lifts is useful

Please remember delivery is not a postal service, it is a scheduled operation covering 2 to 4 customers with organised assistance and accommodation. It is difficult to change an agreed delivery date.

Rollaco Presses endeavours to give a good delivery service ,reliable and safe.


Collection of presses . From our Workshop . Mon to Fri is the preferred collection days. It may be possible to accomodate weekends.

Delivery &Collection
Unit 1 E

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