Colour Choices

Colour choices are between Deep Green and Dark Blue. Sideframes are first wire-brushed to remove any flaking metal and rust. They then undergo a thorough degreasing. This ensures any base coats adhere properly. Sideframes are then given an anti-corrosion treatment before the paint coats are applied. The top coats are three of your colour choices of synthetic paint . This ensures a durable coating lasting years, impervious to corrosion. The colours are off the shelf paint available in any hardware store. Small touch up tins are available.

Colur choice
Dark Blue
Colour Choice
Colour Choice Deep Green

An example of a Gem press in the Dark Blue

Presses are hand painted because we operate small orders and this would prove costly for Industrial Painting., The cost depends on volume. Rim Wheels are powdercoated, because we can produce a large batches. This is best for the Rim Wheel as it gets more handling. We have just introduced a new colour for these Wheels , we call it ‘Antique Iron’ as that’s what best suits it. In the early eighties we used two colours a light green for smaller presses and a dark green for larger presses. The dark green we use today is that same colour which we revived for our presses 10 years ago. In the years past we have used many colours , some as an experiment for differing tastes. These two colours are now our standard colours and we believe best suit a Rollaco press.

We can now offer Black or Dark Grey as an option, the extra cost would be £30 to cover our costs.

Colur Choice
Black Option
Colour Choice Storm grey
Option Dark Grey

Like our standard colours these are off the shelf paintand they are available from most hardware outlets for any touch up in the future. Each press receives three coats.