Bed size – 50cm x 91cm

  • 45cm x 85cm

Weight – 90 kgs & 84 kgs
Gear Ratio – 10.3 : 1

Top Roller Dia – 106mm

Bottom Roller Dia – 100mm

Handle – 52cm Steel Rim Wheel with Stainless Rimwheel Option

Load Rating – 8 Tonnes

Boxer Mk 3 Etching Press

Comes with its own stand and levelling feet as standard. Brake and swivel castors as an option at the extra cost of £120.
Bed material composite, easy to clean, light but extremely strong. Extra heavy duty ball bearings used throughout,
friction reducing for ease of use. Large gear ratio means easy to use. Beautiful rimwheel ensures perfect effortless control.Choice of colours Dark Blue or Deep Green. Fitted with’easi-set’ indexable adjusting handles, ergonomic
design for easier setup. levelling the top roller can be done in seconds. Capable of high quality relief work as well as intaglio work.This is common among all Rollaco presses. Built from our own modular design with a long reliable track record. Comes with a 52cm Steel Rim Wheel with a 50cm Stainless Rimwheel option. Stainless steel rollers are now an option for those problematic environments, never worry about corrosion again. Maintenance free and simple to use. Used by Print Workshops , Schools and Colleges with great success over many years. I believe this is best 50cm and 45cm press in the UK. Smooth as Silk, a Work of Art, Beautiful, these are some of the terms used by press owners . This press is a star.

On occasion I make a 58cm x 110cm model I call the the Super Boxer press. The press is enhanced to compensate for the stresses generated by the wider bed.

Rollaco Rating – 10 ( Press Ratings Page)

Exhibition model

Rollaco Boxer Etching Press
Rollaco Boxer Etching Press

Fitted with the Stainless Rim Wheel (option) , shelves and a Drying Rack. This rack is 3 tier and the grids slide in and out.