Press Prices

Press prices for Rollaco presses are VAT free as we only make a limited number each year.

Model45 / 50 cm45 cm40 cm30 cm30 cm
Boxer£ 2500 / 3000
Kudos£ 1700£ 1450
Pequeno£ 1030
Stand£ 290£ 290£290
Castors£ 120£ 120£ 120£120
Blanket sets all have 3 blankets
Woven£ 130 / 150£ 120£ 105 / 110£60£ 60

Prices on, presses , stands and Castors are from the 2019 price list . Hope this helps.

DELIVERYPrice on application, and will depend on location and any installation.
Ring 01388 818004 or 07927040511 for quotes

Rollaco Presses provides a personal delivery service for ease and safety. This is normally on a shared basis to keep costs lower. Collection from the Workshop is also an option.
Deposits are £200 . Deposits are only refundable if Rollaco Presses cancels the order.

Rollaco Presses represents the best value presses on the UK Market. Hand made products made with care and assembled with the diligence. Press prices have been reduced to the 2019 price list . This is to help in a high cost of living time. With no VAT to pay there has never been a better time to purchase. A Rollaco Press can be an investment. Presses well kept, can bring good used prices.

In recent years there has been an explosion of presses on the market, many of these presses are relief presses not etching presses. Intaglio printing requires high pressures and many of the newcomers are not capable of this. The weight of a press can determine the integity of the structure. Too light and it will fail, fail to do quality work and eventually fail altogether.