The best value printing presses in the UK.

Hand made Etching Presses since 1979 – Great presses by Design!

The best value printing presses in the UK. I believe this to be true , this range of presses has been on the UK market for over 40 years without a single failure. They have one thing which is lacking in most other presses sold in the UK today …… ENGINEERING! I am an Engineer. I don’t teach Printmaking. I design and build presses to last . That’s what we call a job well done. My range of presses, look good, retain value and give professional results guaranteed. For an independent view look at our google reviews. Google reviews are by real customers.

The website is designed to be simple to use and give information to help you choose . You will find many different models and options to assist this. From studio models to bench top models through to portables. Bed size options, from 30cm wide for the Pequeno and Piccolo presses through to 50cm wide Boxer press . we make a 58cm Super Boxer on occasion. We have press colour options which are Deep Green or Dark Blue . There are handle options from the simple honest Crank Handle. Spoked Star Wheels. Rim wheels Steel powder coated and Stainless . These options along with quality presses make this range of presses the best value printing presses on the UK Market

the best printing press on the UK market

Piccolo Etching Press- For Outreach/Workshops

Stands with and without castors. Rails can be fitted to accomodate a shelf , which utilises the space for storage . Castors fitted on the stands are Swivel and Brake type. They are 100mm diameter none marking grey rubber. A shelf can be fitted into the base of the stand. Roller options, standard Steel rollers or for damp environments Stainless Steel. On occasions I offer an underslung Drying Rack. it consists of 4 tier each tier with an area 45cm x 60cm .We try to accomodate all artists and strive to produce the best printing presses on the UK market.

John Pears -Rollaco Presses

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