Blankets set
Blankets Set

Blanket sets are all pure wool. Woven set comprises of one quality woven fronting blanket plus two felt padders. A combination set does for both Intaglio work and Relief . This includes Etching, Drypoint , Monoprint as well as Collographs and Lino and Woodcuts.

The Felt set comprises of three felts and is good for relief work only such as Collographs,Linocuts and Woodcuts.
For Lino and Woodcut we recommend using just the two felts.

Blanket sets are cut with a 12mm clearance all around

Blanket set up for different Print types. From the bed we have the prepared plate , then dampened paper. Next the Blanket for the print type, followed by padder blankets. Intaglio printing needs a dense blanket. I provide a 3.2 mm woven wool blanket of very high quality. The presses felt padders are quality presses also . Two Felts come in the blanket set , this makes the set more flexible. European sourced and regarded as clean. I don’t supply Swan Skins and regard them as a blanket to serve only one purpose to be a padder. Collographs should printed using Felts where a fine line is not necessary.

Felts may be used to print Linocuts. Another method is using with mounting card . the operator would need to apply the correct pressure. The diagram below explains the use of runners when doing relief work on a roller press. Relief work needs less pressure to produce the print,this may cause problems when mounting the work. To mount the work positively, runners may placed along side the work and extending beyond the work . This will allow pressure on the runners and not on the work. A smooth printing operation can then ensue. Runners must be the same height as the work. This prevents the print from embossing. Strips of the lino if its a lino cut would do.The same priciple would apply to woodcuts.