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Piccolo Light Weight Press has been specifically designed for Outreach use. Weighing in at 18 / 25kgs, this makes it relatively portable. Capable of all types of printing, the weight loss is not at the expense of integrity, it has large roller sizes and standard bearings. This enables it capable of intaglio work as well as the relief to a professional level. The handle option is the Crank as standard driving the bottom roller.The three spoked Starwheel is an option for the 30cm press for an extra 50 and drives the top roller, the spokes are removable for transportation.Fitted with 'Easi-set' handles for a quick efficient way to set the top roller. Fitted with rubber feet, giving it a stable base to operate on any bench/worktop. The press of choice for many of the Printworkshops doing Outreach work.
A Genuine Intaglio Press that will do etching to the highest standard .
Rollaco Raing - 30 cm 7.5 (see Information Page). Easily the best portable presses on the UK market.
                                25cm 7.7
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Bed size - 30cm x 60cm
                  25cm x 55cm

Weight - 18/25 kgs

Gear Ratio - Direct Drive

Top Roller Dia - 89mm

Bottom Roller Dia - 76mm

Handle - Crank Handle
                 + Option on 30cm

Load Rating - 3 Tonnes