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As a pioneer of prefabricated designed printing presses, this press was our first design. Simple honest construction, now tried and tested. This press provides the same bed and bearings as all the other bench models,it also provides a cheaper geared bench model for schools as well as the private artist. Fitted as standard an easy to use one- handed crank handle.A four spoke steel Rim Wheel can be now offered as an option, cost 120 extra. See Handle options on Information Page for example .
Now fitted with Easi- set handles makes setting up much easier also. Large bed support rollers.Holes are provided in the feet for fastening to a bench or table.Colour choice see Information Page.
 A honest press capable of good work.
Rollaco Rating 35cm - 7.8 (see Information Page)
                                40cm - 7.6
                                45cm - 7.5
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Bed size - 45cm x 81cm
                  40cm x 76cm
                  35cm x 71cm
Weight - 65/60/55 kgs

Gear Ratio - 4 : 1

Top Roller Dia - 100mm

Bottom Roller Dia - 89mm

Handle - Crank Handle
                 + Option

Load Rating - 3 Tonnes