Rollaco presses make a limited
number of presses each year and
is therefore VAT free.
Rollaco Presses provides a personal
delivery service for ease and safety.
This is normally on a shared basis to
keep costs lower.
Collections from our Workshop are
also an option as well as a pallet/
courier service.
A deposit of 200 is required with a
completed order form.Deposits are
only refundable if Rollaco Presses
cancels the order.See Information
Page for order forms.
Bed Widths in cm
Delivery depends on location and any installation. Ring 01388 818004 or 07927040511 for quotes
This website is designed to be simple to use but give as much information as possible to help you decide which press suits you. You will find many different models and options to assist
this. From studio models through to portables, bed size options , colour options, handle options,
stands with and without castors and even roller options.
Rollaco Presses is truly a bespoke manufacturer.
 Model  45/50cm  45cm  40cm  35cm  30cm  
 Boxer  2500/3000            
 Kudos       1700     1450       
 Gem      1550    1350     1250    
 Pequeno            1000  
 Piccolo             900  
 Stand      290    290     290     290  
 Castors      120    120    120    120     120  
 Blanket  Sets           all          have       three      blankets  
 Woven   130/150   120  105/110      80      60  
 Del     POA    POA       POA      POA      POA   
Please note, the press, stand and castor prices have been reduced to my 2019 prices list to help in these times.