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Please Note Blanket sets are cut with a 12mm clearance all around the bed
Blanket sets are all 100% pure wool.
Woven set comprises of one quality
woven fronting blanket plus two felt
padders. This is good for Etching
Drypoint , Monoprint as well as
Collographs and Lino using the felts.
Felt set comprises of three felts and
are good for relief work such as
Collographs,Lino and Woodcuts.
ForLino and Woodcut we recommend
using two felts.
We also sell single fronting / felt blankets or sets to suit your needs.
Ask for a quote.
These blankets are the best quality
that can be purchased in the UK.
We now supply bed Register/Protector
sheets. These are to both protect
the bed and use as a wipe free
surface for registering your work.
Click here for register sheet / protector guide