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Modular design like the studio range gives this press quality. G10 state of the art composite bed.Premium quality heavy duty ball bearings used on all shafts. The Crank handle is fitted to the base model.The Star wheel option has four removable spokes,simply screw in and out.This method provides a very strong secure fitting.The spokes are also angled outwards for hand clearance and a comfort feel. A polished stainless steel Rim Wheel with rotating handle is another option. For Starwheel option add 50 to grid price. For Rimwheel add 130 to the grid price. Colour choice can be found at Links Page. A sophisticated bench press. Purchased with the Rimwheel and its probably the best bench press on the UK market. Indexable adjusting 'Easi-set' handles for easier setup. These are not shown on the images
Rollaco Rating 40cm - 8.7 (see Links Page)
                                 45cm- 8.5

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Bed sizes 
 45cm x 81cm
 40cm x 81cm
Weight  76 / 70kgs
Gear Ratio        5 : 1
Top Roller dia       106mm
B/roller  dia 
Load Rating     3 Tonnes
Crank handle
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