We can take orders for September delivery.
Please ring with any queries regarding the presses etc.
Delivery costs are defined by your location and a quote is given before ordering.

Rollaco Presses believe a quality product is never cheap and a cheap product
is never quality. A cheap product can become expensive one when it fails
to operate to your expectations. You would expect to buy a press once, make
sure you get it right the first time.

Rollaco Presses has never had a product returned and to our knowledge a complaint regarding a press.

Please note we don't have presses in stock or have secondhand models available.
Whenever we have a secondhand one, it would be a refurbed Rollaco press and it
would be advertised on the site. We don't buy or repair other manufacturers presses.

We only make a limited number of presses each year, so a wait is necessary.
Our range of presses,look good, retain value and give professional results guaranteed.
We believe they are the best range of bench presses in the UK.

A guide to choosing a press can be found on the LINKS PAGE.
John Pears 01388818004