I only make a limited number of presses each year, so a wait may necessary.
Our range of presses, look good, retain value and give professional results guaranteed.
Don't take my word for it , go to GOOGLE SEARCH and search rollaco presses and take
a look at some of my recent reviews or click on the link above .
These are independant not my words.
Orders taken now would be for a Dec delivery.
Please ring with any queries regarding presses etc.
Workshop 9.0am to 4.30 pm 07927040511.
Other times 01388 818004
New option of having stainless steel rollers see Information Page
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A guide to choosing a press
Google Reviews
6 Models , 6 Options ,Handles, Rollers , Colours, Bed Sizes,
Stands with Feet or with Castors . This can produce an
unbeliveable 152 different presses , all bespoke.
I will be exhibiting presses again at the Woolwich Print Fair Nov 7 to 10th.
A Boxer press and two Piccolo presses , one to be used for demos.
These presses will be specials , so come and see something different.
40cm/45cm Gem for sale see
Notice Board Extra for details
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